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Garage Door Opener

Are you looking for an appropriate opener for your garage door? Perhaps you need a new garage door opener installed or would like your current garage door opener repaired.

Juneau Garage Doors is the top choice for garage door openers and has been serving our community for decades. Whatever your garage door opener needs are, we can address them in a timely and responsive manner. Our garage door openers are the most cutting-edge components available today, built to anticipate your requirements and last as long as possible.

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Premium Garage Door Opener Products

Juneau Garage Doors offers a broad selection of garage door openers that can suit every type of requirement. Our openers are intuitive and reliable, with top-of-the-line features like safety mechanisms and built-in security. With the many opener products we offer, our experts can listen to your specifications and go through our product line to list the pros and cons of each model so you can make an informed decision.

Expert Garage Door Opener Installation

We have an expert crew that has been highly trained for garage door opener installation and is well-versed in our wide collection of openers. Every member of our garage service crew is well-equipped to handle the installation of your garage door opener from start to finish. Once we’re finished installing your component, we’ll have you test it out yourself. We don’t leave until you’re satisfied with our work and fully equipped with a smoothly opening garage door.

Juneau Garage Door Opener Repair And Installation Services

Juneau Garage Doors’s experienced team of experts provides garage door opener installation and repair services that surpass industry regulations and standards. Offering major brands of garage door openers, Juneau Garage Doors is proud to bring Juneau our top quality garage systems expertise.

Which garage door opener works best for your home or business?

Choose from our line of popular chain driven openers considered the most reliable in the industry, or a belt driven opener if you require smoother operation and less noise. Screw driven garage door openers are our most economical choice. Consult with our team of experts to find out which garage door opener is right for you.

Residential and Commercial:
Juneau Garage Doors offers a full line of opener accessories

  • Battery Back-up
  • Remote Light Control
  • Additional Remotes
  • Wireless Wall Consoles
  • Wireless Keypad Entry
  • Keychain Mini Remotes

Expert Installation Of Many Makes And Models

Select from top quality brand names with the help of our skilled and friendly staff, or give us a call for a free consultation. In addition to garage door opener installation and repair services, Juneau Garage Doors experts will replace garage door sections and all hardware parts, as well as providing speedy repairs when required. Each garage door opener installation package is backed up by our generous labor guarantee in addition to the full manufacturer’s warranty.

Always available to answer questions during the installation process and for follow-up maintenance, Juneau Garage Doors service and sales staff offer free tips and advice about your garage door opener by calling (907) 321-1216

Benefits of Our Top-Quality Garage Door Openers

Higher Security

Our garage door openers use state-of-the-art technology to provide increased security for your garage, vehicle, and other garage contents.

Many of our opener products have a rolling code that switches when a cycle completes. Also, if you’re leaving for vacation, you can set our openers to vacation mode. While this is active, your garage door can only be operated from the inside.

Better convenience

Our garage door openers are a path to better convenience for you. When you don’t have to exit your vehicle to open the garage door, you’re immediately saving yourself time and energy that cumulatively can become significant if you think about how many times you use your vehicle per week.

Less effort during the winter season

Winter is when your garage doors are snowed in, requiring you to shovel for hours before you can access them. Another issue you may face is if the cold causes your manual garage door to freeze shut.

Juneau Garage Doors’s garage door openers simplify the entire ordeal with a click of a button. Your garage door will magically open for you regardless of the season or temperature outside.


Our garage door openers are some of the most affordable on the market. They’re known to last as long as ten years or more, so you’ll find that installing one of our garage door openers saves you money in the long run.

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